Native American Led Church

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The Ecclesia is Native Led by Rev. Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw (Left)

The son of a Chickasaw Native Father and a Irish American Mom, the Rev. Ron Pate understands what it means to walk as a native in two cultures. Rev. Ron and his ministry partner, the Rev. David Crook, have many years combined experience reaching, leading, and ministering to First Nations peoples of North America. Our fellowship provides and international perspective while reaching out to Indigineous peoples worldwide.

We Honor Richard Twiss

The Passing of a Leading Native Christian Theologian.

Richard and I worked together on The Call DC and I got to visit with his life up-close. His life and work speaks well of the Good Road and the the Good Way. Richards understanding of the contextualization of the Gospel in INdian Culture was thourough and unique. Richard, your voice will be missed.


Impact for Israel

We find that ministering to Israel and to Jewish people world wide is an enjoyable experience. We love Israel and travel to and minister there when possible. Join us and pray for the First of all First Nations, the Hebrew one!

Impact for Mexico City

Mexico City is one of our desired ministry outreach targets. We ministerd to 300 churches there already and desire to partner with the Mexico City community of faith to build a recording studio for worship.

Impact for Greece

Rev. Ron Pate has been preparing to produce a play in Greece for the Greek people since 1989. We have travelled to Greece and will do so again (God willing!) to minister to an entire nation at once.

Impact for India

Rev Ron and David have ministered to over 15K Pastors in India, and have trained hundreds of churches in the ministry of the Spiritual Gifts, Evangelism and Church Growth. Join us as we help the church of India to reach its lost and hurting populations.